La Molina

La Molina hazelnut spread

3 layers of dark, white and milk gianduia spread. With PGI Piedmont hazelnuts.

La Molina choco cakes gr 200/gr 480

Choco cakes to share at the table as a rich dessert.
-Milk chocolate gianduia cake: on a base of thin milk chocolate a delicate...

La Molina Hot chocolate

Dark chocolate cocoa and sugar, without added fats or thickeners. With the content of one tin, following La Molina's recipe it's...

La Molina Molisnack

Eight different flavors of mini chocolate bars: dark chocolate with hazelnuts, gianduia milk chocolate and hazelnuts, salty gianduia and...

La Molina Pinocchio chocolate bars

The boxes are born from Riccardo Fattori's love for the wooden puppet. To pair La Molina and Pinocchio was natural for the artist and...

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