We stock a large range of chocolates (from traditional gianduiotti and cuneesi, to more unusual chocolates featuring such ingredients as sea salt, truffles, and pit-aged fossa cheese), chocolate bars, chocolate spreads and dragées selected from the finest Italian chocolate makers.

Sweet Treats

In addition to chocolate, we sell nougat, amaretti, sweets, marrons glacés, candied oranges and much more … to satisfy your every craving.

Tuscan Specialities

The very best of Tuscan culinary traditions are represented by delights both savoury (PGI extra virgin olive oil, pasta, meat sauces) and sweet (cantuccini, ricciarelli, panforte, honeys and jams).


We are specialist retailers of Italian gourmet foods. Hand-made pasta, balsamic vinegar from Modena and truffle-laced products are just a few of the delicacies you will find on sale in our shop.

Featured Products

  • Peccatucci di Mamma Andrea candied orange peel

    Sicilian oranges are candied and hand dipped in dark chocolate. Beautifully packaged in elegant gift boxes.

  • Innocenzo Borrillo "Torroni Baci"

    In San Marco dei Cavoti artisanal chocolate maker Borrillo has been making “Baci” torroncini (almond and hazelnut crunchy nougat pieces...

  • Bonci "Panbriacone"

    The original pan briacone from the Bonci patisserie in Montevarchi: a fluffy panettone soaked in a mix of dessert wines and enriched...

  • Bodrato boeri

    Vignola cherries steeped for many months the finest Piedmontese grappas and coated in brown sugar and chocolate. Made to a recipe from...

Gift packages

You may have any of your purchases gift-wrapped for free in the shop’s own attractive gift wrap...

Personalise your gift with a gift box hand-made in Florence by local craftsmen.

Our suppliers

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