We stock a large range of chocolates (from traditional gianduiotti and cuneesi, to more unusual chocolates featuring such ingredients as sea salt, truffles, and pit-aged fossa cheese), chocolate bars, chocolate spreads and dragées selected from the finest Italian chocolate makers.

Strega Araldi
Delicious bite-size pieces of soft sponge soaked in Strega liqueur are sandwiched between two almond nougat wafers and coated in a thin...
Manufacturer: Strega
Babbi Babbini
Crispy Wafer Babbi covered with a thin layer of chocolate: this is the Babbino. Several flavours for a unique pleasure: Babbino nocciola...
Manufacturer: Babbi
Bodrato boeri
Vignola cherries steeped for many months the finest Piedmontese grappas and coated in brown sugar and chocolate. Made to a recipe from...
Manufacturer: Bodrato
Urbani Tartufi truffle-laced chocolates
An unusual combination: chocolate truffles flavoured with black truffle. These are sold singly or in gift boxes.
Manufacturer: Urbani Tartufi
La Perla chocolates
A selection of classic combinations from the Piedmontese (gianduia, zabaione and coffee) and Italian (marzipan, salted pistachios, orange)...
Manufacturer: La Perla
Leone chocolates
Chocolates, truffles and nut brittles, individually wrapped and presented in Leone’s signature decorated and embossed tins.
Manufacturer: Leone
Donna Elvira chocolate from Modica (Sicily)
Donna Elvira employs the ancient Aztec recipe for chocolate making in which pure organic cocoa paste, with no added cocoa butter, is melted...
Manufacturer: Donna Elvira
Slitti chocolate and hazelnut spreads
Choose from the creamy and exquisite “Slittosa” or the intense dark chocolate “Gianera”: these two spreads, with their unmistakable flavour...
Manufacturer: Slitti
Domori cremini chocolates
The great taste of Domori’s classic hazelnut cremino and three new flavour combinations featuring the unique taste of Illy coffee, the...
Manufacturer: Domori
Giraudo "Cuneesi"
The Giraudo patisserie in the centre of Cuneo is where these celebrated liqueur chocolates are made to a traditional recipe: a double layer...
Manufacturer: Giraudo


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