Specialità toscane

The very best of Tuscan culinary traditions are represented by delights both savoury (PGI extra virgin olive oil, pasta, meat sauces) and sweet (cantuccini, ricciarelli, panforte, honeys and jams).

Morelli pasta
Morelli wheat germ pasta is unique. Its unmistakable qualities (a pasta with a distinctive wheat germ flavour and excellent consistency,...
Manufacturer: Pastificio Morelli
Stil Novo sauces and patés
Traditional Tuscan pasta sauces (wild boar, Chianina beef, duck) prepared to original recipes. And the ultimate Tuscan antipasto...
Manufacturer: Stil Novo
Amedei chocolate bars
Amedei’s classic milk and dark (63%, 66%, 70%) chocolate bars, and toasted hazelnut and Bronte pistachio-filled chocolate bars, are...
Manufacturer: Amedei
Vin Santo from Tuscany
Our D.O.C. (controlled designation of origin) Vin Santo (dessert wine) is produced and aged in caratello casks according to the...


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