Specialità toscane

The very best of Tuscan culinary traditions are represented by delights both savoury (PGI extra virgin olive oil, pasta, meat sauces) and sweet (cantuccini, ricciarelli, panforte, honeys and jams).

La Molina choco cakes gr 200/gr 480
Choco cakes to share at the table as a rich dessert. -Milk chocolate gianduia cake: on a base of thin milk chocolate a delicate gianduia...
Manufacturer: La Molina
I Greppi di Silli Truffle Honey
L'unione del limpido miele di acacia con il pregiato tartufo nero dà vita ad un miele che si sposa perfettamente con i formaggi, sia...
Manufacturer: I Greppi di Silli
I Greppi di Silli honey
In the unspoilt hills around Florence, the I Greppi di Silli farm produces thousand-flower and single-flower (acacia, French honeysuckle,...
Manufacturer: I Greppi di Silli
I Greppi di Silli honey
The quality of I Greppi di Silli honey in taster jars. Available in classic varieties – thousand-flower, acacia, French honeysuckle,...
Manufacturer: I Greppi di Silli
La Molina Hot chocolate
Dark chocolate cocoa and sugar, without added fats or thickeners. With the content of one tin, following La Molina's recipe it's possible...
Manufacturer: La Molina
La Molina Molisnack
Eight different flavors of mini chocolate bars: dark chocolate with hazelnuts, gianduia milk chocolate and hazelnuts, salty gianduia and...
Manufacturer: La Molina
Amedei "Napolitains"
Mini neapolitains individually wrapped and beautifully gift-boxed. Ideal for keeping a supply of your favourite chocolate close at hand and...
Manufacturer: Amedei
Santella extra-virgin olive oil
Mount Amiata is an ancient extinct volcano in the south of Tuscany, on whose slopes is grown an olive variety known as Olivastra Seggianese...
Manufacturer: Olearia Santella
Bonci "Panbriacone"
The original pan briacone from the Bonci patisserie in Montevarchi: a fluffy panettone soaked in a mix of dessert wines and enriched with...
Manufacturer: Bonci
Le Dolcezze di Nanni "Panforte"
From the Tuscan tradition, since the 10th century, this “poor” cake is made of genuine and precious ingredients such as Almonds, candied...
Manufacturer: Le Dolcezze di nanni


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