Specialità toscane

The very best of Tuscan culinary traditions are represented by delights both savoury (PGI extra virgin olive oil, pasta, meat sauces) and sweet (cantuccini, ricciarelli, panforte, honeys and jams).

Biscotti Deseo
Dall’antica tradizione pasticcera toscana i classici cantucci alle mandorle (tradizionalmente abbinati al Vin santo), con cioccolato extra...
Manufacturer: Deseo
Bonci Briatronchetto
The secret of the Briatronchetti ingredient is the same as the most well-known confectionery product of the Bonci production, the...
Manufacturer: Bonci
Trinci Coffee
A balanced and aromatic blend of coffee from master coffee roaster Andrea Trinci. The coffee is slow roasted in a wood-fired oven...
Manufacturer: Torrefazione Trinci
Fratelli Lunardi chocolate "Cantuccini"
Cantucci biscuits and chocolate: the traditional Tuscan cantuccio meets delicious Fratelli Lunardi dark chocolate.
Manufacturer: Fratelli Lunardi
Antonio Mattei "Cantuccini"
Made to the original “cantuccino di Prato” recipe that is still jealously guarded by the descendants of Antonio Mattei, who was the first...
Sfizio "Cantuccini"
The Tuscan cantuccino revisited in new flavour combinations to surprise and delight.
Manufacturer: Sfizio
"Cassata Fiorenza"
Three layers of ultra-flaky wafer filled with toasted hazelnut cream and coated in dark chocolate. Made strictly to a traditional recipe...
Manufacturer: Fiore
La Ceppaia combination salt and pepper grinder
This combination refillable grinder makes a stylish addition to any table. Available with a range of gourmet table salts (Persian Blue,...
Manufacturer: La Ceppaia
Naturbosco Ceruti dried porcini mushrooms "Special"
The porcini mushroom is naturally dried without being treated, it is then carefully selected by choosing the most often cut whole slices....
Manufacturer: Naturbosco di Ceruti
Le Dolcezze di Nanni Ricciarelli
Par excellence Tuscan biscuit: compact and gentle, made of almonds, sugar, egg white and honey with a dust of icing sugar; almonds paste’s...
Manufacturer: Le Dolcezze di nanni


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