Dolci e Sfizi

In addition to chocolate, we sell nougat, amaretti, sweets, marrons glacés, candied oranges and much more … to satisfy your every craving.

Sfizio "Cantuccini"
The Tuscan cantuccino revisited in new flavour combinations to surprise and delight.
Manufacturer: Sfizio
Trappist Nuns of Vitorchiano jams and preserves
These jams and preserves are made by a community of 75 Trappist nuns in the Vitorchiano Monastery in the province of Viterbo. Made to an...
La Molina hazelnut spread
3 layers of dark, white and milk gianduia spread. With PGI Piedmont hazelnuts.
Manufacturer: La Molina
William Di Carlo dragées
The finest dark chocolate envelopes the highest quality toasted Arabica coffee beans. These scrumptious bonbons are the perfect coffee...
Peccatucci di Mamma Andrea (Mamma Andrea’s Little Sins) candied orange slices
Candied slices of whole orange coated in 55% dark chocolate and presented in an elegant gift box.
Leone Once upon a time fruit jellies
“Once upon a time…” is the limited-edition collections of tins dedicated to the most beloved fairy-tales of all times, letting us become...
Manufacturer: Leone
Le Dolcezze di Nanni Ricciarelli
Par excellence Tuscan biscuit: compact and gentle, made of almonds, sugar, egg white and honey with a dust of icing sugar; almonds paste’s...
Manufacturer: Le Dolcezze di nanni
La Molina choco cakes gr 200/gr 480
Choco cakes to share at the table as a rich dessert. -Milk chocolate gianduia cake: on a base of thin milk chocolate a delicate gianduia...
Manufacturer: La Molina
Cassano "Limoncello"
The uniqueness of Cassano limoncello derives from the essentially artisanal production methods employed in making it and the exceptional...
Manufacturer: Cassano 1875
I Greppi di Silli honey
In the unspoilt hills around Florence, the I Greppi di Silli farm produces thousand-flower and single-flower (acacia, French honeysuckle,...
Manufacturer: I Greppi di Silli


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