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In addition to chocolate, we sell nougat, amaretti, sweets, marrons glacés, candied oranges and much more … to satisfy your every craving.

Barbero Baci di Cherasco®
First protagonists of the centuries-old history of gourmet pastry-making, the Baci di Cherasco ® Barbero are made of a fine blend of pure...
Manufacturer: Barbero
Leone "Cubifrutta" fruit jellies
Delicious fruit jellies just like homemade jam. A richer 100% natural range prepared with a high percentage of real fruit pulp, whose...
Manufacturer: Leone
Giacobbe "Amaretti di Sassello"
The classic melt-in-your-mouth Sassello amaretto or variations enriched with pistachios, forests fruits, raisins and pine kernels… A...
Manufacturer: Amaretti Giacobbe
Strega Araldi
Delicious bite-size pieces of soft sponge soaked in Strega liqueur are sandwiched between two almond nougat wafers and coated in a thin...
Manufacturer: Strega
Babbi Babbini
Crispy Wafer Babbi covered with a thin layer of chocolate: this is the Babbino. Several flavours for a unique pleasure: Babbino nocciola...
Manufacturer: Babbi
Biscotti Deseo
Dall’antica tradizione pasticcera toscana i classici cantucci alle mandorle (tradizionalmente abbinati al Vin santo), con cioccolato extra...
Manufacturer: Deseo
William Di Carlo bouquet of dragées
Sulmona chocolate dragées wrapped in cellophane and presented in small multi-coloured bouquets. Designed for special celebrations and...
Bonci Briatronchetto
The secret of the Briatronchetti ingredient is the same as the most well-known confectionery product of the Bonci production, the...
Manufacturer: Bonci
Trinci Coffee
A balanced and aromatic blend of coffee from master coffee roaster Andrea Trinci. The coffee is slow roasted in a wood-fired oven...
Manufacturer: Torrefazione Trinci
Fratelli Lunardi chocolate "Cantuccini"
Cantucci biscuits and chocolate: the traditional Tuscan cantuccio meets delicious Fratelli Lunardi dark chocolate.
Manufacturer: Fratelli Lunardi


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