We stock a large range of chocolates (from traditional gianduiotti and cuneesi, to more unusual chocolates featuring such ingredients as sea salt, truffles, and pit-aged fossa cheese), chocolate bars, chocolate spreads and dragées selected from the finest Italian chocolate makers.

Bodrato candied orange and lemon peels
The intense and persistent taste of Bodrato's dark chocolate married with the pleasant fragrance of candied orange and lemon peels, creates...
Manufacturer: Bodrato
Peccatucci di Mamma Andrea candied orange peel
Sicilian oranges are candied and hand dipped in dark chocolate. Beautifully packaged in elegant gift boxes.
Barbero chocolate truffles
Box of soft chocolate truffles with a crispy shell of chocolate and pistachio, hazelnut and cacao bean, amaretto.
Manufacturer: Barbero
La Perla truffles
Three varieties of the classic truffle: Dark chocolate coated in cocoa crumb; Dark chocolate with chopped, toasted and pralinated PGI...
Manufacturer: La Perla
Gardini chocolate bars with “sweet” Cervia sea salt
This original marriage of "white gold" and the “food of the gods” has given life to a unique chocolate bar. The salt crystals, from the...
Manufacturer: Gardini
Amedei chocolate bars
Amedei’s classic milk and dark (63%, 66%, 70%) chocolate bars, and toasted hazelnut and Bronte pistachio-filled chocolate bars, are...
Manufacturer: Amedei
Domori chocolate bars
From a true connoisseur a range of chocolate bars to satisfy even the most demanding palates.
Manufacturer: Domori
La Molina Pinocchio chocolate bars
The boxes are born from Riccardo Fattori's love for the wooden puppet. To pair La Molina and Pinocchio was natural for the artist and let...
Manufacturer: La Molina
Slitti chocolate bars
A selection of Slitti chocolate bars in a range of cocoa percentages. Includes the “Lattenero 45%” - a top quality milk chocolate bar with...
Manufacturer: Slitti
Innocenzo Borrillo "Torroni Baci"
In San Marco dei Cavoti artisanal chocolate maker Borrillo has been making “Baci” torroncini (almond and hazelnut crunchy nougat pieces...
Manufacturer: Torroni Baci Borrillo


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