We stock a large range of chocolates (from traditional gianduiotti and cuneesi, to more unusual chocolates featuring such ingredients as sea salt, truffles, and pit-aged fossa cheese), chocolate bars, chocolate spreads and dragées selected from the finest Italian chocolate makers.

Liqueur-filled chocolate Dragées Giovanni Mucci
A liquid centre enveloped in chocolate coating with pure cocoa butter. The most traditional italian and international distillates...
Manufacturer: Confetti Mucci
Domori dragées
Made with PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont, almonds from Avola (Sicily) and candied ginger coated in Domori Blend 72% dark chocolate.
Manufacturer: Domori
Leone dragées
Coffee beans coated in extra dark and milk chocolate, individually wrapped and presented in a retro-style gift tin that you can later use...
Manufacturer: Leone
William Di Carlo dragées
The finest dark chocolate envelopes the highest quality toasted Arabica coffee beans. These scrumptious bonbons are the perfect coffee...
Peccatucci di Mamma Andrea (Mamma Andrea’s Little Sins) candied orange slices
Candied slices of whole orange coated in 55% dark chocolate and presented in an elegant gift box.
Leone "Gianduioso"
A gianduiotto paste made exclusively from PGI Piedmont hazelnuts sold in a handy tube you can carry around with you. Gluten free.
Manufacturer: Leone
La Perla "Gianduiotti"
Made exclusively from Piedmont hazelnuts strictly to the original method of production of authentic Turin gianduiotti, the ‘Giandujot’ is...
Manufacturer: La Perla
Slitti drinking chocolate
A drinking chocolate mix that can be quickly and easily prepared in a cup and is rich and flavoursome.
Manufacturer: Slitti
Amedei "Napolitains"
Mini neapolitains individually wrapped and beautifully gift-boxed. Ideal for keeping a supply of your favourite chocolate close at hand and...
Manufacturer: Amedei
Giusti Panettone and chocolates with Balsamic Vinegar
Giusti together with Antica Pasticceria Muzzi, historical italian bakery, designed a unique “panettone”, combining the best of the Milanese...


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